The Cut Backs.

The cut backs.

One of the hardest changes to adjust to when returning to education, after being in the workforce, is definitely the financial cut backs. Still having the same living costs and travel costs, all whilst wanting your social life to remain the same, just is not realistic when your working hours are cut back. Thankfully I have been lucky in the role I am in now as stud staff. With stud work, preparing foals and yearlings for sales, I can work mornings, nights and even weekends to bank a few Euro. That aside, without the full weeks wage every week, it takes some adapting to make ends meet.



My first experience leading a yearling through the ring, at GOFFS Orby sale.





Simple things, that I hope others can relate to, like weekly shopping and household luxuries. For instance, I stood one day in the middle isle of LIDL, debating to myself about how much I really needed new rug for the dog, and the bread and milk could just wait. I eventually got my priorities in order and now have become the thriftiest of shoppers, and as for my dog, he still loves his rug dearly.

FullSizeRender (3)


No caption needed.





Adapting to college goes beyond finances and shopping, mature student life effects your mind set sometimes also. As I enter my final year I have watched close friends walk down the isle and start their families, as I sit with thoughts of endless assignments and ‘am I mad doing this’. I found myself occasionally comparing my life to others of the same age as me. But it will be worth it, and if I can give any advice to mature students starting out, it would be ‘Do not base your success on the successes of others, and when in doubt, let it make you work even harder to ensure it is worth while’.

It is not all doom and gloom with adapting to student life, if anything it has perks of its own. For the time you spend in the college lifestyle, you are submerged in the youthful, exciting and creative atmosphere. The benefits also extend the campus atmosphere in the achievements along the way, like for me and many other mature students, successes such as good grades or simply doing what you thought you could not do. The joys from these achievements are amplified, giving the reassurance that encourages persistent and continuous hard work.

4 thoughts on “The Cut Backs.

  1. Very well written remember the doubts you had in year 1 they are so put to bed now not only have you succeeded you have excelled academically as well and the cut backs will soon be a distant past for you here’s to your future success in everything you put your mind to looking forward to your next blog xx👍

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  2. Another excellent piece of writing depicting the reality and struggle of adjusting to returning to education as a mature studend. Well done Kim.. it will all be worth it xx

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