“Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.” —William Congreve


Deciding to go back to education.

Returning to education at the age of 23 evoked a mixture of emotions, excitement, curiosity and a dash of fear on top. A decision that was based on the feeling of being unfulfilled within my previous career choices. Boarding kennels, grooming, veterinary assistant, riding school staff, livery yard staff and still I found a void inside. Carrying on with livery yard work I underwent the BHS exams, and in doing so, I found an interest with gaining more education. My passion for horses was always strong, and as I aged and gained more experience in the equine industry the passion grew bigger along the way. So I decided to undergo a degree in Equine Business.

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My days as a veterinary assistant.





Why the Equine Business degree in Maynooth University?, well three main reasons. The first reason was the past pupils of this degree course, in which I admire. These people now working in great roles within the equine industry gave me inspiration the most. Another reason was its content, in covering a variety of business modules, as well as important equine based modules, assured me that I was going to be equipped with employable qualities on completing this degree. Lastly, the accessibility to the campus, although not a priority for some students, but when balancing a home life, work life and college life, living close was a major selling point to me.


My Equine Business classmates and I, enjoying lunch with the legendary horseman, Willie Leahy.





Not coming from an equine background I’m very lucky with the people I have met along the way. I owe every ounce of success I have, or will obtain in the future, to them. From the crazy lady (will remain unnamed) who threw me up on a pony at a very young age and told me to shut up and get back on each and every time I fell off, to my dear friends and work colleagues who taught me so much and built me up with confidence. With those people, and the passion for horses I think I may survive this degree.






22 thoughts on ““Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.” —William Congreve

  1. Congratulations It takes great courage and huge commitment to undertake a degree. Getting back up on the horse and getting on with it has made you strong . Treat fear the same way .. its only an emotion passing through you so keep going. You can achieve whatever you want once you start believing in yourself. Use all those friends and family as your support system.
    Well done and fair play to you.

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  2. Beautifully written Kim & so very true. You should try it at my age 🙈🙈 always worth educating yourself no matter what the age, you can never know too much.

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  3. What an amazing young woman. You should be so proud of yourself. Well done Kim. It’s not easy returning to college and especially like you mentioned not having a equine background like some of the students can be daunting but you have proved you know just as much and work just as hard. I’m so proud you are finally working and educating yourself on your passion.

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  4. Great blog post Kim!! It really portrays how life experiences ignite us to follow our passions and to never give up on educating ourselves in something we love. You inspire me through your hard work and dedication in everything that you do. I have no doubt that you will be great success in the future.

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  5. Fear is a emotion that stops one from reaching ones goal my dear Kim you have conquered that one emotion and my very best wishes in your final furlong I know you will shine bright 💗👏🏻

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